Day 2 – “Shaping the Future of AI in Healthcare”

Keynote Address

“Shaping the Future of AI in Healthcare”
presented by Nigam Shah, MBBS, PhD – Stanford University

Panel Discussion


Peter Embí, MD, MS – Regenstrief Institute, IU School of Medicine

Kenneth W. Goodman, PhD – University of Miami

Eneida Mendonca, MD, PhD – Regenstrief Institute, IU School of Medicine

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD – IU School of Medicine, Indiana CTSI

Artificial intelligence and its many applications (eg., prediction, visualization, decision support) have been largely discussed in healthcare settings. As the explosion of available electronic health data continues worldwide, AI has been described as a solution (or promise) for cost reduction, quality improvement and access to care, behavior change, etc. This panel will explore potential unintended but predictable consequences of an AI future in human health, with recommendations on how to recognize and mitigate credible risks, all of which warrant an intentional process for validation and monitoring. It will discuss the implications of technological automation to improve healthcare efficiency and access to care, and how job roles may potentially exacerbate existing inequities without dedicated investments into human workforce development. The panel will touch on the legal landscape for AI-based healthcare.

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Shah – Keynote