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An ACP Best Practice
In states where POST or POST-like order forms are used, POST should be incorporated into the ACP Specialist role and offered to residents as appropriate.

POST is the Preferred Standard for Documenting Treatment Preferences
The POST model is preferable to individual medical orders about treatment preferences for several reasons.

POST is intended for residents who are seriously ill or frail. POST use is always voluntary!

A resident or surrogate decision-maker should never be required to have a POST form.

Members of the health care team should be educated about where to find POST in an emergency and how to use it.

POST Section B orders and the Three Goals of Care
POST Basics Video for Healthcare Providers
Click here to watch The Indiana POST Form in Action video.

The video is specific to the Indiana POST but has information relevant to all programs based on this model. Please view it even if you live in a different state

If you are not familiar with POST in your state, go to www.polst.orgto learn more.

How do I use the POST Form in Action Video?
As you saw, the video provides an overview of the POST form and basic information for healthcare providers.

The Indiana POST Form in Action video can be used to educate other members of the team within the nursing facility

POST Video for Residents and Surrogates
The following video was developed for residents and surrogate decision -makers. It contains specific information about treatment decisions on the Indiana POST. similar to the previous video, it contains information that is relevant even if your state uses a different version of the form.

Click here to view the video.

How do I use the POST Basics Video?
This video is intended for residents and surrogates. It provides basic education about POST and the treatment decisions on the POST form. It can be shared as part of he ACP discussion process.

Nursing facility staff may benefit from watching this video, too, to better understand how to explain the POST form to residents and surrogates.

Documentation Tools in Your State
Click the Resources Tab in the upper right corner for additional information about your state including:
  • Advance Directives Forms
  • Surrogate Appointment Laws
  • POST-like Models by State
As the ACP Specialist for your building, it is important you know and understand the tools available to you.

ACP Tools Summary
Click the Resources Tab in the upper right corner for additional information about your state including:
  • There are several tools available to document the outcomes of advance care planning discussions
  • Documentation is an important communication strategy of other members of the health care team can access information about treatment preferences and goals of care.
  • ACP tools include advance directives, medical orders, and (in some states) the Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment or POST programs.
  • It is important for the ACP Specialist to be familiar with the tools available in his or her state.

ACP Tools
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