• ACP in Nursing Facilities
  • Goals of Care
  • Identifying and Supporting Surrogate Decision-Makers
  • ACP Tools
  • Engaging Your Team
  • ACP Facilitation Skills
  • Putting It All Together | Getting Started with ACP

Advance Care Planning Facilitation Skills: Learning Objectives

As a result of this eLearning course, the learner will be able to:

Facilitating advance care planning conversations requires skill.
However, it is rare that people engaged in this work have training to develop these skills.

Some people are just naturally comfortable facilitating ACP discussions. Others are uncomfortable because they have no tools or skills training to support this work and these conversations can be hard.

But ACP discussions can also be enormously rewarding and valuable. These discussions are opportunities to meaningfully engage with residents and surrogate decision-makers.

Providing residents and surrogate decision-makers with the time and space to discuss values, goals, and preferences increases satisfaction with care.
ACPcan also reduce the stress when there is a medical crisis. It makes it easier for families and nursing facility staff to know what to do when there is a plan in place.

The ACP Specialist training is designed to help you build skills for you to use in ACP facilitation. Your confidence and proficiency will grow over time.